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Data Transport

Wide Area Network (WAN) enables multipoint data connections, effectively uniting multiple locations for seamless data connectivity as if they were all in the same vicinity.

point-to-point data connections


Data Transport, conversely, facilitates point-to-point data connections, linking two locations for efficient data connectivity, replicating an environment akin to being within the same physical premises.


The primary advantage of WAN lies in its ability to unify business operations as if they were centralized in a single location. WAN offers cost-saving benefits by consolidating IT hardware expenses across multiple locations, including servers and internet connectivity. Furthermore, WAN fosters enhanced efficiency, collaboration, and data integrity throughout the entirety of your business enterprise.

unifying business operations

Engaging with SBi for a Tailored WAN/Data Transport Solution:

Utilizing our extensive microwave, fiber, and partner networks, we deploy WAN and Data Transport circuits globally.

With over 40 technicians strategically stationed across our primary service area, we guarantee rapid response to outages, adhering to our industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA).

SBi initiates the process by conducting a thorough assessment of your unique connectivity requirements. This encompasses evaluating key factors including the number of locations, data transfer volume, security prerequisites, and projected expansion plans.

During our initial consultation, SBi listens to our client’s specific needs, requirements, challenges, and expectations.

Based on the needs assessment, SBi designs a customized network solution. This may include selecting the appropriate technologies, determining the type of connectivity (e.g., MPLS, SD-WAN), and outlining the network architecture. A comprehensive proposal is then presented to the client, including details on service plans, costs, and implementation timelines.

Upon approval of the proposal, SBi begins the implementation phase. This involves setting up the necessary infrastructure, configuring network devices, and establishing connectivity between the client’s locations. The deployment process is carefully managed to minimize disruptions to the client’s operations.

Post-implementation, the network undergoes thorough testing to ensure reliability, security, and optimal performance. SBi will fine-tune configurations and optimize the network based on real-world usage patterns.

Once the WAN or Data Transport Service is operational, ongoing monitoring and support are provided. This includes proactive monitoring for potential issues, troubleshooting, and addressing any performance or connectivity concerns that may arise.

As the client’s business evolves, the WAN or Data Transport Service can be scaled to accommodate changing requirements. SBi offers options for upgrades, additional bandwidth, and new features to support organizational growth.

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Our high availability networks, local support, and dedicated offices show our commitment to providing top-tier solutions that close the digital divide once and for all.

From mobile solutions to dedicated internet, SBi offers top-tier services.

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