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Dedicated Internet

Dedicated internet services provide exclusive, reliable, and high-performance internet connectivity tailored to the specific needs of businesses. This is particularly advantageous for organizations with mission-critical applications, large data transfer requirements, or heightened security concerns.

We assure you of receiving the full subscribed bandwidth, encompassing both uploads and downloads. Our dedicated internet service is individually tailored to each client, factoring in location and desired bandwidth, enabling us to deliver a bespoke solution aligned with your business requirements. Moreover, we offer IP addressing for your network hardware. The dedicated internet ensures minimal latency across our network, ensuring optimal functionality of your services, even within remote networks.

reliable, high-speed connectivity


Dedicated Internet service presents businesses with a multitude of advantages, delivering reliable and consistently high-speed connectivity crucial for data-intensive operations.

  • Exclusive bandwidth allocation, effectively minimizing latency and fostering a stable online environment.
  • The dedicated nature of the connection heightens security, mitigating the risks associated with shared networks and making it an optimal choice for businesses with stringent data protection requirements.
  • We employ proactive 24/7 network monitoring to ensure adherence to contracted speeds, supplemented by the availability of local technicians for on-site assistance as necessary.
  • Our provision of carrier-grade networks ensures a .9999 uptime guarantee, underscoring our commitment to seamless network reliability.

a customized engineered solution


How We Do It:

For businesses interested in Dedicated Internet Service, the process typically begins with an assessment of their connectivity needs, customizing an engineered solution to present to our client. After choosing a service plan, the transition involves coordinating with the service provider for installation, which includes provisioning dedicated lines and configuring networking equipment. The timing can vary based on factors such as location, existing infrastructure, and the complexity of the setup, but providers aim to minimize downtime during the transition to ensure a smooth and efficient migration to Dedicated Internet Service.

We have an extensive microwave and fiber network with multiple PoPs to the World Wide Web. Also, we have 40+ technicians living throughout our service area which allows us to dispatch to any outage to meet our industry-leading Service Level Agreement.

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Our high availability networks, local support, and dedicated offices show our commitment to providing top-tier solutions that close the digital divide once and for all.

From mobile solutions to dedicated internet, SBi offers top-tier services.

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We’re here to answer any questions you may have about SBi Business or the services we provide.

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