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About SBi Business

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At SBi Business, our mission is to empower businesses through cutting-edge IT solutions, ensuring seamless operations and fostering growth. We are a leading force in the IT industry, consistently providing unparalleled services that drive client success. With a small team of experts, we transform the drawing board into reality.

Guided By Our Core Values

SBi Business is guided by a set of core values including service, community, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Our team is composed of dedicated professionals who are passionate about leveraging technology to transform businesses. We emphasize an open-door policy, encouraging transparent communication and a supportive work environment.


Smith Bagley


Judd Hinkle


Guy Turley

Chief Operating Officer

Zech Crook

Director of Corporate Operations

What SBi Business Offers:

SBi offers Managed IT Services for comprehensive IT management, Dedicated Internet Services for reliable high-speed internet, Mobile Solutions for innovative mobile technology, and VoIP Services for cost-effective communication. Committed to cutting-edge technology and cybersecurity, SBi provides scalable solutions tailored to enhance efficiency and drive success in the digital landscape.

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How SBi Does It

When choosing SBi for your technology services, the process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your unique needs. With a commitment to proactive problem-solving, cutting-edge technologies, and a client-centric approach, SBi offers a partnership that goes beyond traditional IT services, providing innovative and scalable solutions to drive your business forward.

understanding your unique needs

How SBi Gives Back

At SBi, we are deeply committed to giving back to the community. Through our philanthropy initiatives, we actively seek opportunities for donations, volunteerism, and community engagement. Whether supporting local charities, educational programs, or environmental causes, our dedication to corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our mission to make a positive impact beyond the realm of technology services.


Cellular One has been serving the Ramah Navajo School Board with cellular service for more than 18 years. Cellular One has been a reliable service to our Ramah Navajo Community.

Tim Sarver, RNSB IT

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We’re here to answer any questions you may have about SBi Business or the services we provide.

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