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SBi Data and IT Networks

At SBi, we’re not just familiar with the rapid pace of connectivity and technology – we embody it. Whether you’re in the bustling city or the tranquil countryside, we’ve got you covered.

Our high availability networks, local support, and dedicated offices show our commitment to providing top-tier solutions that close the digital divide once and for all.

Technology Consulting
Services Offered By SBi

At Smith Bagley Inc., our approach is always consultative. We prioritize understanding our clients’ needs before proposing any solutions. Our consultative approach puts customer relationships above all else and helps us to choose the right product for your business.

Whether it’s a straightforward product need or a complex integration project, our focus is on earning your trust before we even consider earning your business.

Dedicated Internet Service refers to a type of Internet connection that provides exclusive, non-shared access to a specific bandwidth for a single user or organization.

This contrasts with shared internet services, where multiple users or businesses share the same bandwidth, leading to potential fluctuations in performance.

Is this the same as Shared Services?

Shared internet services, such as broadband or cable, involve multiple users sharing the same network infrastructure, leading to potential congestion and performance variations. In contrast, dedicated internet services guarantee a specified amount of bandwidth exclusively for the subscribed user, eliminating the impact of neighboring users on performance.

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Wide Area Network (WAN), or Data Transport Service, A WAN or Data Transport Service is a comprehensive managed networking solution facilitating seamless data and communication exchange across different organizational locations.

WAN involves the provision of network connectivity and data transfer capabilities over a wide geographical area enabling organizations to connect multiple locations, such as branch offices or remote sites, facilitating efficient communication and data exchange.

This service encompasses needs assessment, consultation, network design, implementation, testing, ongoing support, and scalability, catering to the evolving needs of businesses for efficient and secure connectivity across multiple locations.

Leveraging diverse technologies such as private networks, dedicated circuits, and advanced routing, ensures secure and reliable connectivity over vast geographical areas.

Fiber services, often referred to as fiber-optic services, involve the use of fiber-optic cables to transmit data using light signals. Fiber-optic cables consist of thin strands of glass or plastic that carry data over long distances with high speed and reliability.

Photon by SBi is an entire division now dedicated to building a bigger fiber infrastructure across Tribal lands. Increased fiber will serve as a robust backbone to bring fast, reliable internet connectivity that lends strength to chapter communities and Tribal anchor institutions such as schools and healthcare. Today, Photon by SBi can leverage the company’s ETC status to help Chapter Houses, schools, and healthcare organizations access federal funding to bring a fiber connection to their location.

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Managed Services refer to an outsourced model where SBi takes responsibility for managing and maintaining specific IT functions or processes on behalf of an organization allowing businesses to focus on their core activities while leveraging the expertise of SBi as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for the efficient and reliable operation of their IT infrastructure and services.

Our approach allows businesses to leverage external expertise for enhanced efficiency, reliability, and security in managing their IT assets and services.

The process of working with SBi as a Managed Service Provider involves:

  • Initial assessment
  • Customized service proposal
  • Onboarding and implementation
  • 24/7 monitoring and maintenance
  • Help desk support
  • Security management
  • Regular reporting
  • Continuous improvement
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What is VoIP?

  • VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a phone technology that enables you to use the Internet to make phone calls
  • Make and receive phone calls from your laptop, tablet, smartphone and office phone sets
  • We are a premier provider for the Navajo Nation and by being on state contracts, we can provide services to city, county, state, Tribal, and federal agencies

Keep your business connected with our mobile plans designed to fit your company’s voice, text, and data access needs providing the latest handsets and data hotspots.

serving rural communities

for over 30 years


For 30 years, SBi has served rural communities and tribal lands in the Southwest. It’s Cellular One division provides mobile technology across 60,000 square miles with 230 cell sites. In 2011, SBi launched its ICT division, offering tailored internet and data transport networks. By 2015, it became the top last-mile provider for the Bureau of Indian Education. In 2018, SBi acquired Sunstate Technology Group, expanding its services to local governments, public safety, nonprofits, and businesses. Now, SBi Business manages all divisions’ products and services.

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We’re here to answer any questions you may have about SBi Business or the services we provide.

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